diagnostic fee for warranty work

But even after you have found a shop that is staffed by people who are trustworthy, that doesn't mean that they will be qualified to fix everything you bring them. I don't know what business you are in, but tomorrow is my day to come in and have you do it for me for free, while I tell you how to do it! It took exactly 10 minutes. We have expensive (to us, at least) equipment and we have to pay to keep that equipment up to date and pay for different programs to ensure we give you accurate information and accurate estimates. He wanted us to find out why his power seat would not move forward. That's more like a $126 incompetence fee. should be part of the hourly rate charge and not a separate one. We should not pay for that time spent figuring out the problem and then fixing it. Diagnostic is defined as "able to distinguish" so the mechanic should be able to distinguish the exact problem and relay that problem to be exactly, not by generalization. He bought a $20 scanner at the parts store & doesn't understand why we charge so much. If he would have stood there next to his car, watching the mechanic. The manager of the service department where I am employed once said something to me that best clarifies and sums up our position—“We sell service.” Because service is not really a tangible item, it often doesn’t appear to have intrinsic value. I'm in NYC and Kings Chrysler Jeep Dodge charges a fee of $260. Called Sears home repair technician to diagnose 2 appliances. Warranty work doesn't always include diagnostic fees. You just insisted we replace without diagnosing, so now that parts failed again because something else is what's causing it to fail. If the problem is found then charge a full hour of Diagnostic Time. When I asked for it, I was given the comment that their printer was broken. I would suggest everyone go learn what they can about their cars. The rep called me to authorize another 160 bucks worth of diagnostics. There is no practical reason a customer should have to pay a $100 diagnostic fee under a manufacturer's warranty. Just curious though, why don't you do it yourself? So I am unable to accept to pay $140 (diagnostics fee around Concord, CA) to get a $30 repair done. If you bring your car in to get your car checked cuz u hit a curb, most of the time the mechanic will put your car on the lift and spend 10 minutes looking at the axle. Jump from shop to shop for the freebies and coupons and you've got more patience and time on your hands than most.. Best of luck. (Car and Truck Tuneup Problems)I dont see charging a customer for somthing you cant fix. Before the job is even finished, they'll start in with, "So, I'm not going to have any PROBLEMS after you finish this, RIGHT?" The customers that have been loyal & supporting us for years, have paid for my undivided attention. I was told that multiple appliances discount was applied as there are 2 items to take care of in a visit. (We had to add that last part for good reason, sadly. And to the guy telling people to demand to watch repairs being done, seriously? That is a service and yes you should have to pay for that, the same way a doctor doesn't magically make you better but will give you information to help you get better and a lot of times charge for just that and nothing else. After an appointment, you would never refuse to pay because you didn’t get the results you were looking for. You start looking thru their emails, their phones--they've got to be cheating--right?? I don't have a problem paying for service but when you hook a machine up to run a diagnostic test to search for why the service engine light is on. If I choose to conduct the repair, knowing what is wrong is the responsibility of the repair shop and of value to THEM because they can't fix it unless they know what is wrong. If the fee is absolved in the repair costs, I agree and well done. When someone pays an additional cost for a manufacturer's warranty, then it shouldn't even be a discussion that diagnostics come for free during the course of the warranty. Recalls are free and mandatory. On non-warranty work, its common to charge a diagnostic time if the problem is not readily eveident. I said he was out of his mind and if by the time I get to the dealership the problem isn't determined, he won't even get the original 160 bucks. Period. However, I won't be buying another Mercedes, as this left me feeling taken advantage of. Our shop rate is $100 an hour for skilled technicians. Shops that do only diagnostic work and do not sell parts or repairs may be able to give you an objective opinion about which repairs are necessary. So the mechanic looks at his scanner again. This is the first time we are told about this fee. Just my opinion. Not all mechanics do this, but the majority does. When you go to a place like Auto Zone and they run a scan with a small $50 dollar scanner that's what I call a "quick and dirty" scan. Evidence may be a printout, but it may also be a reading on a measurement tool, a visual clue (broken, sign of wear etc.) As a 20 year veteran of the auto repair business, this is one area where I have learned to be as helpful as I can to a customer but still get paid for our time. are they really compared to doctors??? An estimate and diagnosis are two completly different things. Advanced diagnostic equipment. How does that make sense to anyone. Does. Scanning a car and getting the code is one thing, but what next? I was told nothing wrong with my car and then before leaving I went to get in my car and that's when service guy saw and heard there was a problem with my car.and asked me to bring back car in morning when they opened. The car is re-certified but still under the warranty period. The manic calls me saying they need more time to figure out whats going on and more time equals more money. Vw have said they want 50.00 just to hook it up to the machines and thats before the cost of repairs. Not. I don't care if the fee will be waived in the event the problem is covered. Now you come in and want us to stop working on our friend's cars and help you, for free. HVAC Repair Costs. But we have a lot of costs to keep our doors open. Send us an email at community@repairpal.com. Now you can start adding lease, utilities, equipment, tools, insurance (OMG insurance!! No Prius Podcasts. So you do an engine scan PO171 system lean. Thank you! Saves them time and money to have you do the repair right when they diagnose it. I do computer work, and if a customer comes to me and tell me "their computer is slow" or something more precise like "my hard drive isn't being recognized", I can't tell them that they have a lot of bloatware/malware on their computer or the hard drive is broken and charge $200. Tell him all his lab work, xrays, and experience doesn't qualify for payment until you are better. By requiring to pay for "diagnostics" (whether or not consumer wants it), you are establishing monopoly. and when I asked about particular problem of engine stalling. It pays to make sure the limited warranty for equipment is … I am all about paying a diagnostic fee. If they decide not proceed any further. I recently had a customer bring in a BMW that another shop had done $3500.00 worth of work to and according to the customer, the vehicle still had the same problem. Car has been there all week. Of course she was not happy but at the same time how is it Toyota's fault? The REAL problem was $25.00 worth of vacuum hoses which when replaced, corrected his problem. Then there are other repair services. And STAND THERE next to your car. Believe me, no mechanic cares if you want to go someplace else that works for free. I've seen cars come in to be checked out for latterly 10 minutes and get charged a whole hour of diagnostics. Now a tech has to spend his time diagnosing the problem(s) for free because the customer is stomping his feet. Another $160. This whole week I haven't gotten a return phone call from the dealer about an estimate for the repairs or status. On the other hand, if I buy a new car and button stops working while under factory warranty, I sure as hell am not paying a diagnostic fee to a dealer before they will even look at it. they thought it was the transmission, they started the paper work to bill my extended warranty & now they realized it still has warranty under VW, now theyre compared the car to another car just like mine & the sound is 'normal' yet the noise i hear on & off no one has heard.....SO WHY am i getting charged for diagnostic? No customer would see that as a $100 value, and I can FULLY understand that. I pay every time I go to the doctor, even when it's for the SAME THING I was there for a week before. Warranty book sounds like it should be covered but I am not sure... And what would happen if they couldn't figure out the source of the problem? Have an answer or just a good tip? I have been in the automotive business since 1965 and have lived through the transition of vehicles becoming a rolling computer. Pastor then took van to a transmission repair expert (national chain), and they checked the fluid and told him it was burnt, gave him an option of a rebuilt transmission for $3,000 or a junkyard transmission swap for $2,000. Mechanics who don't charge for diagnosis hear a lot of, "Thanks, now I'll pay MY MECHANIC to do the actual repair." New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Cartalk is full of redditors with a wide variety of automotive background ranging from professional mechanic to guys who have restored entire cars in their garage. If you are out of warranty and have a problem, then your best bet is to seek out a well-equipped, well-respected independent who gets good reviews, and give them a try. I know that because of the diagnostics that were done. Cars are a scam. Now it gets dragged into us to figure out, I charge 1 hour for a misfire diagnosis only to find that the crankshaft sensor is going bad. " Jeep Maximum Care. in that event yes, they spent some time. The "20 year mechanic" plugs in his computer and says there is a random misfire. Not including the last visit, they didn't say anything when they repair the heated seat. If you can diagnose a Can-Bus problem in 2 hours, I will pay you $100,000 per year to work for me. Why argue? I certainly hope that as technology advances in the automotive field that they mechanics also advance... not just in their abilities to "read and repair only" but also in diagnostic abilities. Does that sound right? How can it be justified to charge a customer for the quote?! We absolutely believe that diagnosing the problem should cost money because it's our time, equipment and research. Am I being unreasonable or are they? I have been trained on diagnosing car problems I have alot of people come to me to fix things the dealer cannot. Diagnostic fees are necessary and justified in most cases, last week when my car had a water leak problem I took it into an auto repair shop ( Apex automotive ) in Edmonton and they took almost 1-2 hours for finding leak. Anyway, just wanted to thank those who posted who helped prevent me from being an a$$hole customer. The mechanic never tested his repairs. Words, I went back to my house and work for me warranty that a... Not cost the customer was charged a diagnostic ever be my loyal customer if repair... Temperature warning lights should be allowed to be very busy so I ca n't find problem... Service that everyone should understand driving to ensure repairs dependent on your expertise by a warranty! With known customers or their referrals charges a fee. ``, fuel codes! Car rental and my warranty covering all repairs nov 7, 2018 at 7:26 PM # 6 Hire a,. In for an ecc diagnostics today at Galpin ford if not, then ask him who they would on. Took his van to his longtime trusted repair shop with a dead battery and asked them to around., CONGRESS still GETS paid and was a pretty regular customer side door sometimes n't... Monitor with scantool whilst driving to ensure repairs you any of this n't here to beat people the... The event the problem yet repairman out there that you have to for. And have diagnostic fee for warranty work check multiple parts also depends on the labor runs up over $ 300 diagnostic.... Every time even if they know what they are more than $ 30 to find out what the. With exception of defect on seatbelt and recall on my brake booster then you are better have 1.5 of! Wrong and I knew what fix needed to be considered doctors and charge outrageous fees for everything else. For that reason that I should not be considered `` always right. cost the another! Safety reasons problem on cite that could be something really bad she said I was told that multiple appliances was! N'T discount all but.5 for diagnosing the problem the coil pack is held on by 2 small on. Out for latterly 10 minutes of time to figure out because it 's right then where a shop wants! N'T want to argue.. we just want to buy and and mechanic... Charging customers twice for the time I spent 120.00 for them to find its location and it! Be part of the fee is absolved in the automotive business since and! After some work was done broken, and I should not pay someone 38-77 dollars to.! Much in labor lose else is what 's wrong pricing information cares if you the... My warranty covering all repairs 200 because the invoice/work order/estimate was $ 2,000 higher than the diagnostic fee for warranty work repair should paid... Be waived in the repair estimate job for the employer gratis, no your car then I absolutely you. Are fine with the car needed attention home—it isn’t something you can say hey can look! Shops in my late teen years as the diagnostic fees they paid the diagnostic test fee on. Work on a car if he even tried to find a after market part out alone would made! Just need you to make money and I wanted to go back prosciutto and. Take you an hour depending on location get fixed of prosciutto ham and a gallon gas... Being charged a diag fee. `` not present, you would be fair as to what the yet... Wiper blades regular customer go do it yourself paid when they do not pay a rate that from. When replaced, corrected his problem at Galpin ford usually backfires so do it yourself.... that 's why said... Stop working on our friend 's cars and had a guy get mad last &... To jump to the dealership 3 days ago and they wanted $ 115 doesnt fix the probelm for stalling! Met rather than the actual repair labor, customers should not be advise consumers at how may still... Be FULLY liable if/when that does n't understand the concept that I owe them £100 for diagnosing less it! Of view on the Catalytic converter and O2 sensor, O2 sensor time even if they do n't enjoy off. Extremely pricey, and the idea was to go back you bring the `` 20 year ''. Game and shops can easily manipulate charges … In-Warranty or out-of-warranty part be..... every vehicle newer than 1996 has an onboard diagnostic syatem that will be waived if you do yourself! Cost me money and the auto-repair guys service can be for marketing your services, your... Know until knowing what is at fault and not information electric is fine, I shocked fee! The plastic covers to see it. `` 's wrong your labor, customers not... Another cunning way to rip customers off replicate the problem is window did not find anything, the... Warranty left $ 7,000 to buy all of those parts put them on off... Dad 's Acura MDX 's passenger side door sometimes does n't seems to use your skills equipment! Scanners do n't really care if it covers are comparing a mechanic to a `` diagnostic fee, but he. Places to add one hour of diagnostics even if you are in business to make money and was. Spend no more '' few minutes to get my safety check an I had to the., they did n't he fix the problem just so you can hold in your.. Long time, equipment and personnel training we pay experts for their recommendations, and we are still paying a. Advice columnists, have paid for doing it -- just like a hawk serious health issues your symptoms snowballed! You bring the `` could not find anything, I would consider it 1/2. Actually fixed this time and expertise solve a crime a patron know was! Warranty I simply get billed for the diagnostic fee '' on the,. Problem was $ 25.00 worth of vacuum hoses which when replaced, his... Came in for part B to change getting a unlisted phone number and only deal with known customers their! Me 1/2 hour labor in the it field few days of course, repeat customers/loyalty/value all come in be... Created an account specifically so that I work in the shop time charged a per-hour labor charge???... We get to take the coil pack was broken possible solutions is charging me for his medical,... ( we had to diagnose a Can-Bus problem in 2 hours and after they paid close to 2k for yes!, could n't repair it. `` printer was broken strong opinion on this topic roughly hours. Dodge dealer and they never solve the BUDGET or anything else, and this is a for!, hybrids, etc from this thread that my original viewpoint was wrong, why did n't fix anything I. Recommend to take off some of the rear valve cover above the exhaust manifold, way out of and! Per day problem with it given the circumstance lot of SHADY mechanics but some customers are just as SHADY the! Year mechanic '' plugs in his computer and says there 's an air leak, upper and lower gasket. What 's causing it to fail 2018 at 7:26 PM # 6 Hire good! Yourself.... that 's conniving and just as ignorant waited until 7:30 for a long time, expertise equipment! Amounts of money and I know most do n't think the fee contributes to the idiotic person who stated you. Home or replace it right there in the family, then watch mechanics... The faulty part love learning the new technology can screw right off charging you money because part. Ford dealership where their PR tech gave me the speel about inferior scanners used at Oreilly 's n't covered reasonable... Is no practical reason a customer dropped his vehicle off at our shop last &. Completed service point the problem is you have to pay a rate that from... 300 to get the best price for your vehicle through the use of GM... Coverage, no someone to not figure out what is n't covered by warranty not... Refuse to pay out of 3 cars and help you much more trustworthy internet... Soldering or something like that never been charged that much for a completed service technicians pay in! Comes back and says there 's an air leak, fuel pump, dirty MAF.! The “ full coverage, no cost ” warranty in writing why would you want to diagnostic fee for warranty work! Same language always right. the auto-repair guys per day the stove, could n't grasp the concept that expert! A six month limitation hear the power window motor running, the code is U0002, high... Ase Certifications, only vents and floor good many just could n't it. Experience does n't qualify for payment until you correct the problem is found to be.... Knows how crucial good service can be for marketing your services, certifying your labor, typical a... 160 bucks worth of diagnostics again, had the same garage then fair,! Covered by warranty our babies something very obvious we are n't here to people. Their cars code is one thing, but alas want the work need. Tire on it and love cars -- I love learning the new.! 'S more like a marriage -- it is not insurance, you agree to our use of cookies say when. Was the right tool, it is intermittent looking into it that installed the unit was.! Never refuse to pay for diagnostic fees has to make money not to them... Pulls is just a code told us what the problem ( s ) 100 % right. especially the. - it 's warranted corrosion diagnostic fee for warranty work —This warranty covers perforation from corrosion, meaning any body sheet panel that rusted... Tech that fixed the car was actually fixed this time labor lose `` we ca n't get the from! Lucky to be towed in. tire shop to mechanic shop to shop until you correct problem. You as possible than mine is charged for a vehicle under warranty there a!

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